I’m Shel. I live in Western Massachusetts. I’m an aspiring sjw cyber-librarian, AKA. a socially engaged librarian with a speciality in information technology. I like to help people access information and figure out what information has to say and make it easier to hear. Projects such as Sailing Rough Waters are representative of the kinds of projects I ideally would want to be working on all the time.

This website is where my various creations and projects live, or where I link to them if they don’t live here. Not all of my work is available through this website yet but I hope to make that possible in the near future. Among my projects are poetry, code toys, weird music, and social essays.

I like to pick apart social dynamics and rules and produce things to test my analyses. A lot of the stuff you will find on here is related to that.

My twitter is @DataPup_ and my email is shelraphen@gmail.com You can also find me at @DataPup@mastodon.social if you are one for federated social media.

This page is a relic. New updates are posted to http://datapup.info