I’m so happy to release my first collection of my poetry, Afterimages. I probably should have finished up the website that’s hosting it before releasing it but hey this is the project that has captured me from a long time so I’m still pretty proud to release it. It’s about a lot of different things but mostly the uncertainty that you are correct in your interpretations of your past, and the anxieties surrounding the implications if you’re wrong. It’s available as a beautiful colorful chapbook and also as an equally beautiful audiochapbook (narrated by yours truly).

I’ve also made minor tweaks to the site. Mostly increasing the size of the navbar links.

Hopefully now that I’m only working the one job, and have actual days off, I will have more time to do more work on this website. Fingers crossed!!! By the way, if you’re a fan of Fuckcore, out next album is coming out soon ;3 look forward to it!!


  • Add design elements, such as colors. Increase contrast on header.
  • Accessibility stuff.
  • Finish Afterimages chapbook and put up here.
  • Write “Intro to Boundaries for People Who Don’t Understand Boundaries” essay
  • “Minimum Living” budget calculator
  • Letters to your past self
  • That novel I said I’ve been working on.