Lexical Replacement

Essay on the difference between changing your words and changing your actions. Written: 2014.

Mannequin Allies

Essay on how allyship can put more labor on the shoulders of marginalized people. Written: 2013.

Big Projects

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A collection of poetry. A reflection on narratives, truth, and justification. As well as maybe growing up in a cult. Available as a chapbook, with poems over full-color photographs, or as an audiobook.

screen capture of Sailing Rough Waters front page

Sailing Rough Waters

Sailing Rough Waters is an accessibility-centered website about coping with social microaggressions: the papercuts of oppression. My undergraduate thesis project. Features introductory articles to microaggression theory and instructional articles on coping skills to deal with the daily stress caused by microaggressions. Designed from the ground up around disability and accessibility.

screen capture of Feminiscience front page


A collection of "Cracked-Style" articles which present concepts from the field of Feminist Science Studies in a humormous and acccesible way. Making critical engagement with the sciences in society unintimidating. The current state is a class project from May 2015 and features five articles. I want to return to this project someday and improve the web design elements, update accessibility features, and add additional content.

screen capture of fuckcore bandcamp page


A "band" I'm in with a few others where we "remix" pop songs to be acoustically "interesting" and "humorous." Features lewd language that is bass-boosted and kinda loud. My collaborator on this project is @masklayer.

screen capture of The Omen Archives

The Omen Archives

The first website I ever built, this is an online archive of issues of a student publication called The Omen, the longest running publication at my alma mater. It's designed to look old as an aesthetic choice but be fully functional with modern responsivity standards. Issues may contain mature content and objectionable political diatribes, especially the older issues.


Polly: The Robo-Apologizer

A bot that generates honest sounding apologies. I've been told it does a better job than most people.

Thesis Project Title Generator

Generates ridiculous-sounding yet not too unbelievable titles for fictional undergraduate theses or possibly even graduate dissertations!

Valerie: The Auto-Validator

A part of Sailing Rough Waters, this bot generates validating statements. A teaching tool as part of a section on the importance of validation in coping with microaggression.