the jules zone

🍡 Currently reading defekt by nino cipri (2022-11-27)

🍡 I did not finish the deadly education book lol. I don’t care. Let the teens go outside (2022-11-27)

🍡 need to spiritually return to when i was in scandinavia having scandinavian breakfasts and had the energy to power walk around viking burial mounds in the cold (2022-11-15)

🍡 worried about all the hypothetical people in duolingo swedish sentences who are living on brâd och vatten (2022-11-15)

🍡 rainy night hojicha and cold soba noodles (2022-11-02)

🍡 thank you medieval people for inventing planners and glasses (2022-10-31)

🍡 band called pg and the tips. we are sponsored by pg tips and we only sing about tea (2022-10-27)

🍡 can of ito en green tea (2022-10-19)

🍡 every time i have to go into the code at work i immediately become a 90s movie hacker with sick sunglasses on indoors (2022-10-19)

🍡 goldfish like if you agree (2022-10-16)

🍡 just read: threshold by anke gladnick (2022-10-16)

🍡 just read: stray by molly mendoza (2022-10-16)

🍡 just read: faster by jesse lonergan (2022-10-16)

🍡 just read: die horny by rebecca mock (2022-10-15)

🍡 ordered a new mechanical keyboard with brown switches and nice keycaps (2022-10-14)

🍡 need to cook up some things to look forward to. but, i am a very bad cook (2022-10-13)

🍡 lemoncoccocococoxoxoxoooo (2022-10-11)

🍡 love when people in period pieces power-walk around everywhere in their outfits (2022-10-10)

🍡 currently reading: a deadly education by naomi novik (2022-10-10)

🍡 today and every day in adhd news: brain craves stimulation but doesn’t know where to find it (2022-10-10)

🍡 period dramas: these lesbians gave each other bibles … romantically (2022-10-08)

🍡 calamansi sparkling water (2022-10-08)

🍡 what’s your favorite nature documentary? (2022-10-08)

🍡 yuzu ginger sparkling water (yes i am trying all the sanzo flavors) (2022-10-06)

🍡 every night i dream about apartments, school, and the sea (2022-10-05)

🍡 currently reading: the goblin emperor by katherine addison (2022-10-05)

🍡 finally finished watching ARIA :_) (2022-10-05)

🍡 currently reading: monstress, vol. 7: devourer by marjorie liu and sana takeda (2022-10-04)

🍡 ::reads nice book:: this book isn’t fucked up enough (2022-10-01)

🍡 listening to quiet music quietly (2022-10-01)

🍡 we have grown a small, a medium, and a Large carrot and when i pulled Large out of the ground i accidentally exclaimed β€œBIG BOY” (2022-09-30)

🍡 sorry i can’t work today i’m still thinking about my dreams last night (2022-09-30)

🍡 a mysterious peacock diadem(?) has appeared in my home (2022-09-29)

🍡 currently reading: a prayer for the crown-shy by becky chambers (2022-09-29)

🍡 hmm i still want a cute mechanical keyboard but i need one that’s shhhhh and doesn’t hurt my wrists (2022-09-29)

🍡 early autumn rain (2022-09-28)

🍡 baking night-muffins (2022-09-27)

🍡 why do i have a memory of a movie where strawberry shortcake went through a cracked mirror to a mordor-like wasteland (2022-09-27)

🍡 have decided i’m free from my ill-advised mcu journey after finally watching endgame (2022-09-27)

🍡 a lovely day to shop for stickers (2022-09-25)

🍡 spooky books on display at the bookshop :) (2022-09-25)

🍡 ambrosia black tea (2022-09-25)

🍡 i don’t want to think about my real life, i want to watch nature documentaries about the birds of new zealand (2022-09-22)

🍡 lychee sparkling water (2022-09-22)

🍡 love seeing people’s crinkly-crumply hobonichi pages (2022-09-22)

🍡 boba guys blend no. 1 (2022-09-20)

🍡 gonzo moved away which was a little sad but omg omg i found LOLLY on the first island i visited to find a new villager and i’m so happy (2022-09-20)

🍡 currently reading: nona the ninth by tamsyn muir (2022-09-18)

🍡 formosa green snail tea 🐌🌿 (2022-09-18)

🍡 cat status: calmly squished in the back of the closet of her own volition (2022-09-18)

🍡 petition to rename christmas trees disco trees (2022-09-17)

🍡 right now i’m pretty sure my favorite song is k.k. robot synth (2022-09-17)

🍡 hualien honey aroma tea (2022-09-16)

🍡 iced kodama sencha (2022-09-12)

🍡 rewatched: ponyo (2022-09-12)

🍡 ::drinks tea:: ::gains 5 health:: ::drinks coffee:: ::takes 10 damage:: (2022-09-11)

🍡 new hobonichi cousin is here!! (2022-09-06)

🍡 this book owns (2022-09-06)

🍡 early evening iced assam (2022-09-05)

🍡 a huge green pumpkin has appeared!! (2022-09-05)

🍡 currently reading: wrath goddess sing by maya deane (2022-09-05)

🍡 new villager: cole (2022-09-02)

🍡 another aspiring pop star (bangle) has left to pursue her dreams (2022-09-02)

🍡 falling in love with stabilo fineliners (2022-08-31)

🍡 currently reading: lavinia by ursula k. le guin (2022-08-31)

🍡 listening to soothing field recordings of a japanese garden because oh boy is it a week (2022-08-30)

🍡 double oolong monday (2022-08-29)

🍡 thinking about paintings of tigers (2022-08-29)

🍡 museum and tea! (2022-08-29)

🍡 cloudy day chai (2022-08-26)

🍡 cube the penguin came to my campsite and how i wished he would stay forever (2022-08-26)

🍡 bedsheets not spreadsheets (2022-08-26)

🍡 the adhd process: do something, realize you’ve done it in a way that makes sense only to you, redo it 1–3 times (2022-08-26)

🍡 currently reading: the house of rust by khadija abdalla bajaber (2022-08-25)

🍡 currently very open to suggestions for non-depressing music, movies, and books (2022-08-25)

🍡 i simply wish to buy plushies and go to sleep amongst them (2022-08-25)

🍡 tried to read a new novel but got extremely hung up on a sentence about a tangerine (2022-08-25)

🍡 there’s an english version of the hobonichi cousin this year, my dream has come true (2022-08-25)

🍡 now would be a good time for a previously unknown great-aunt to bequeath me a weird house and a small fortune. (2022-08-24)

🍡 gerard manley hopkins wrote some real hits (2022-08-24)

🍡 currently listening: hiroshi yoshimura’s green mixed with ocean sounds (2022-08-24)

🍡 green tea nutella milkshake (2022-08-23)

🍡 it’s hard to know what books to read sometimes (2022-08-23)

🍡 fight the ennui with kkb (2022-08-23)

🍡 dreamed someone was giving me boba and telling me to read less and play video games more (2022-08-23)

🍡 oops i’m languishing (2022-08-22)

🍡 tabling the dragon book (2022-08-22)

🍡 it’s a two-mugs-of-scottish-breakfast monday (2022-08-22)

🍡 park friend time is the best time and also the only activity i’m aware of (2022-08-22)

🍡 sparkling raspberry lemonade (2022-08-21)

🍡 trying out cozy grove (2022-08-20)

🍡 remembered that stardew valley makes me melancholy (2022-08-20)

🍡 iced english breakfast taken outdoors (2022-08-20)

🍡 there’s a leaf-spice scent in the air (2022-08-20)

🍡 our pumpkin vine is longer than i am (2022-08-20)

🍡 extra-deckled edges (2022-08-20)

🍡 cucumber lemonade (2022-08-19)

🍡 currently reading: the habitation of the blessed by catherynne m. valente (2022-08-19)

🍡 this book might be too long for my brain. tbd (2022-08-18)

🍡 started a new stardew valley farm (2022-08-18)

🍡 i think of myself sort of like a cookie that didn’t come out very well but it’s okay because i wasn’t trying to become star baker (2022-08-17)

🍡 blasting my brain with the mcu has left me excited about independent cinema again (2022-08-17)

🍡 had a thai iced tea last night (2022-08-17)

🍡 just realized the thread in this cross-stitch kit comes in the colors of the bisexual pride flag. major bonus (2022-08-17)

🍡 drinking my dragonwell, reading my dragon book (2022-08-16)

🍡 i love the following phrases: maple keys and dandelion clocks (2022-08-16)

🍡 so many dandelions (2022-08-16)

🍡 rip my favorite dragon book character, you were too pure for this world (2022-08-15)

🍡 suddenly missed living in a small town (2022-08-15)

🍡 this fancy oolong tastes like the jeweled fruits of the goblin market (2022-08-15)

🍡 night rooibos (2022-08-14)

🍡 we have eaten the tomato (2022-08-14)

🍡 shino moved away to pursue her pop star career (good luck shino!), so new villager: gonzo (2022-08-14)

🍡 summer park friend time plus strawberry shortcake ice cream (2022-08-13)

🍡 gotta love an enormous novel with two maps, epigraphs, a persons of the tale, a glossary, and a timeline (2022-08-12)

🍡 cat status: prevented from eating a pink ribbon (2022-08-12)

🍡 cat status: playing with a rainbow (2022-08-12)

🍡 if only we could adopt a hedgehog, for the garden (2022-08-11)

🍡 we have grown 1 ripe tomato (2022-08-11)

🍡 currently reading: the priory of the orange tree by samantha shannon (2022-08-11)

🍡 black cherry soda (2022-08-10)

🍡 potato galette (2022-08-10)

🍡 august morning downpour (2022-08-10)

🍡 hers-and-hers electric kettles (2022-08-09)

🍡 currently reading: my solo exchange diary, vol. 1 by nagata kabi (2022-08-09)

🍡 as a child i listened to medieval music on cassette tape but now i listen to β€œbardcore” on the β€œworld wide web” (2022-08-08)

🍡 tiny’s magic academy has opened on my resort island (2022-08-08)

🍡 why didn’t purrl like my gift of a frozen ramune treat >:( (2022-08-08)

🍡 pinvin β€”> pinfin β€”> pendefen β€”> penda’s fen (2022-08-07)

🍡 chai latte and a currant scone (2022-08-07)

🍡 i am going to cross-stitch a d20 (2022-08-05)

🍡 listening to field recordings of an autumnal belgian arboretum (2022-08-05)

🍡 currently reading: legends & lattes by travis baldree (2022-08-05)

🍡 genmaicha aka popcorn tea on a rainy summer day (2022-08-04)

🍡 covering up quotes from that one author with washi tape :) (2022-08-03)

🍡 my copy of the hero’s journal (magic academy edition) has arrived (2022-08-03)

🍡 i know it’s only august 3 but it’s happening . . . autumn is coming (2022-08-03)

🍡 cat status: fast asleep after tumbling off the back of the couch onto the cushions (2022-08-03)

🍡 listening to field recordings of the irish coast (2022-08-02)

🍡 our pumpkin plant is in bloom (2022-08-02)

🍡 brewing some vietnamese breakfast tea of almost-forgotten provenance (2022-08-01)

🍡 cat status: curled-up window loaf (2022-08-01)

🍡 current villagers: purrl, shep, goldie, puddles, marina, shino, flo, bangle, bruce, beardo (2022-08-01)

🍡 trying some new earl grey this monday morning (2022-08-01)

🍡 pancakes for dinner (2022-07-31)

🍡 currently rewatching: kiki’s delivery service (2022-07-31)

🍡 a mid-afternoon mug of yunnan black tea (2022-07-31)

🍡 a mug of dragonwell goes nicely with a fantasy novel (2022-07-31)

🍡 new villager: purrl (2022-07-31)

🍡 obsessed with playing: scents & semiosis (2022-07-30)

🍡 heat wave hojicha (2022-07-30)

🍡 currently reading: the ten thousand doors of january by alix e. harrow (2022-07-29)

🍡 giving these fancy oolong leaves a second steep (2022-07-29)

🍡 taiwanese super fancy oolong at noon (2022-07-29)

🍡 rosemary pear soda (2022-07-28)

🍡 an afternoon cup of spring dragon oolong (2022-07-28)

🍡 currently reading: a psalm for the wild-built by becky chambers (2022-07-28)

🍡 a midday cup of dragonwell (2022-07-28)

🍡 loose-leaf scottish breakfast tea on a thursday morning (2022-07-28)

🍡 strawberry matcha latte (2022-07-27)