the jules zone

To divide the world into that which is “based” and that which is “cringe” is to perpetuate the illusions that keep you tied to the cycle of samsara. (2024-07-17)

anyone else in a constant state of malaise (2024-07-15)

I always want the cure for depression to be something really cool and fun but it’s actually like, try to get out of bed and eat a vegetable (2024-07-15)

came back to life, put on jeans because I don’t like kneeling on the floor at work in shorts, and now I’m actively roasting. (2024-07-14)

rip jules. she was tragically lost in the Duvet Realm while trying to make the bed on july 14, 2024. (2024-07-14)

computer, show me cute happy things (2024-07-10)

how do you entertain yourself when nothing you do on your own feels compelling. like I guess I could always just clean. but you know. I have limited cleaning powers (2024-07-07)

you think you’re doing fine and then you go into a crowded health food store on a Sunday and take 100 psychic damage (2024-07-07)

anyway, cold brew with lemonade and bitters (2024-07-07)

it’s so weird to be a consciousness that’s going to be extinguished someday (2024-07-07)

what do shrimps think about (2024-07-05)

TIL that one of Scottish ancestors was a dude who became a fugitive after being accused of sorcery (2024-07-02)

canceling my subscription to reality (2024-06-29)

why is my head so empty (2024-06-26)

every day I am so tired from The Stimuli and I have no energy for The Things 🥲 (2024-06-23)

my hobby is just trying to get through each day 😎 (2024-06-23)

scrabbling in the sand at the base of the pyramid of needs (2024-06-20)

I’m so cold. I want to run upstairs and buy a purple ninja cat hoodie but I won’t. (2024-06-18)

life is about sharing images with your friends (2024-06-14)

my teeth love grinding together because they’re horny freaks (2024-06-14)

we’re almost halfway through the year and you know what that means. anything you say or do now can and will be used against you by father christmas (2024-06-12)

huckleberry weed gummies (2024-06-12)

peach peppercorn fizzy (2024-06-12)

midnight throbbing sinus club (2024-06-12)

also dreamed I was on a college campus searching for an afternoon coffee but ended up by the sea and it was somehow nighttime (2024-05-28)

dreamed I posted that I was lying awake thinking about Annihilation (2018) at 3 am (2024-05-28)

live every day like it’s trash day (2024-05-14)

a hat is an incredible piece of technology (2024-05-10)

hey have you heard about the film of the summer? it’s called my neighbor totoro (1988) (2024-05-09)

dreamed a dry, dusty landscape studded with gargantuan gems (2024-05-06)

dreamed I could play the synthesizer and did a haunting electropop cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “everywhere” but all I wanted was to take my antidepressants and explore the archipelago (2024-05-05)

dreamed of hand-drawn maps of remote Scottish isles and atolls (2024-05-05)

crying and eating floor cookie (2024-05-03)

frequenting cool sites such as creaky joints and bad gut dot org (2024-04-30)

postmeowdernism (2024-04-29)

feeling is based (2024-04-27)

cucumber soda / in the rain-lit woods with you / …mogami river (2024-04-27)

world where when you go into debt with the magical ruling body you get turned into a cat and go live in a feral cat colony on the city streets (2024-04-25)

dante’s digiorno (2024-04-24)

where you knead, I will follow (2024-04-22)

happy accidentally crying about a fifth-century monk Friday (2024-04-19)

dreamed the mountain goats released a relatable new song called “the reason I’m bad at everything is that I’ve never been good at anything” (2024-04-19)

honestly iconic of Virginia to go tour an ancient estate with her gf and her spouse and then journal about how ugly the furniture was (2024-04-16)

sometimes I get mad at myself for truly absurd things like that my diary doesn’t resemble Virginia Woolf’s (2024-04-16)

dreamed I was watching a masterpiece called Chanukah: The Musical (2024-04-15)

I basically died and got reincarnated into a new life (2024-04-14)

btw I dreamed I went to a weird shop and they had a limited edition statue of Xena and Gabrielle for $20 (2024-04-13)

any other adults get bored to literal tears or is it just me (2024-04-13)

what I have learned from the new Jon Klassen book is that sometimes friendship is making your friend tea and sometimes it’s also pushing the screaming skeleton that haunts your friend off a tower and then smashing the skeleton’s bones and burning them to a crisp and throwing the ashes into a bottomless pit. (2024-04-12)

if there’s one thing I’ve learned about girls it’s that they’re cute and interesting and smart and fascinating and pretty and strange and peculiar and (2024-04-12)

how can anyone see a junco and not say “boop boop” (2024-04-12)

going to write a rom com called Must Love Pigeons (2024-04-09)

dreamed there was a really good black metal scene on Uranus (2024-04-09)

cold french fries and crime shows (2024-04-08)

psst hey ::opens my denim jacket:: check out these goods ::the goods are the missing fragments of Sappho:: (2024-04-08)

I fucking love being comfycozy (2024-04-07)

2 a.m. peanut butter sandwich (2024-04-07)

me age 13: my soul is darkness and life is but a pointless tragedy. me age 34: live laugh love is actually pretty good advice (2024-04-05)

vibrated all day waiting to go home and boop my mutuals on tumblr dot com (2024-04-01)

taking notes on Foucauldian-Butlerian resistance with a cat-shaped novelty gel pen (2024-03-31)

can’t these boot licking productivity bros see that they’re in the flippin panopticon (2024-03-31)

unknown Japanese candy for breakfast (2024-03-30)

accidentally found the yuri section at the library (2024-03-29)

recurring dream of having to write a final paper on Frankenstein and I keep putting it off (2024-03-29)

had a dream that Gengar was gay (2024-03-25)

dreamed I made a tumblr post that just said “I’m gay” (2024-03-23)

tfw your emotional support animal bites you at 4 am because it is a kitty (2024-03-23)

dreamed I brought shame upon my household by being really bad at the video games Giant Snail 1 and 2 (2024-03-20)

soft skills: (1) taking it literally (2) make list (3) being clueless lesbian. hard skills: no (2024-03-17)

what if animal crossing is actually hell (2024-03-16)

iced blueberry matcha latte… you are bittersweet and strange, like life (2024-03-05)

whenever I pass by the big windows of the doggie daycare downtown I feel like my heart is being slurped up with a straw. (2024-03-05)

whenever I’m shelving mysteries I want to dunk the word “crime” in a cup of black coffee and eat it like a biscuit. (2024-03-05)

why do I read? why do I READ??? because I can’t afford a vacation, obviously (2024-03-05)

comforting to know that Patti Smith also hides in bathrooms to avoid awkwardness and fantasizes about murdering people who talk on their cell phones in cafes but then feels bad about it. (2024-03-05)

doctor: “your pupils are really dilated. are you on drugs?” me: “no doctor, ’tis the ’tism O.O” (2024-03-04)

feeling in something of a slump so rereading Patti Smith’s book about being in a slump (2024-03-04)

if I had a nickel for every night of my life I’ve spent crying on and off, distractedly reading a novel, making an abortive attempt to watch an independent film, and staring into space… I’d have a non-zero amount of nickels (2024-03-01)

sleepytime tea take these blues away (2024-03-01)

liberated by the knowledge, deep in my soul, that I will never be able to make a planner or journal look like the ones online (2024-02-27)

soup restaurant name idea: oops! all soups (2024-02-27)

finished the ADHD book, lifted it above my head with both hands, and quietly screamed while my cat stared at me (2024-02-26)

the ADHD book and the Kabbalah book both told me to bone down (2024-02-26)

sad because I want to have hobbies but everything just sounds hard and boring. (2024-02-25)

my favorite pens ran out of ink 😔 (2024-02-23)

reading a book about adhd and there’s a story about a guy who panics on vacation and drives home to be with his planner. I get it now. I understand myself (2024-02-23)

yeah I serve CUNT (cute; unfortunately, needs therapy) (2024-02-20)

::sobbing:: i want to enter information into a database (2024-02-20)

I love it when a novel ends with a fucked up house burning down in a cleansing fire (2024-02-18)

::reads a prize-winning work of literature:: :(((((((((( ::reads a gross horror novella about evil fungus:: teeheehee hahaha omg yes (2024-02-18)

I think I was cool and self-sufficient in another life. But not this one lol (2024-02-18)

I miss the horse and the hawk I had in my dreams (2024-02-18)

a thing of movie is a joy for ever (2024-02-16)

idk what to read anymore, books keep making me too upset. Why am I so sensitive lol (T_T) (2024-02-13)

I like books with pictures in them (2024-02-13)

The Arrival is just one of the books of all time (2024-02-13)

rainy day chun mee moon palace tea (2024-02-12)

I don’t really care about the Grammys but I saw God and She was gray-haired Tracy Chapman performing Fast Car. (2024-02-10)

Louise Glück knuckle tattoos: “RISK JOY/“ (2024-02-10)

have developed a recurring motif in my dreams where I do something weird and then say “lol sorry. Autism” by way of explanation (2024-02-10)

sapphic version of “free falling” about the good girls and the bad girls: when (2024-02-09)

hojicha + leftover peach cobbler <3 (2024-02-08)

keep having to stop myself from buying a picture book called THE SKULL at work (2024-02-06)

me: “maybe I’ll put on some Chet Baker” governess who lives in my brain: “you can’t play that at a bookstore, it’s far too sexy” (2024-02-05)

does anyone else remember listography because I’m still there lol (2024-02-05)

::me trying to hold in my whimsical thoughts during a meeting:: hmmmmmmnnnnnnmnmmggggffffbbbbthhhhhh (2024-02-03)

Hmm. Maybe I don’t actually want to watch 52 criterion movies lol. But what DO I want to do (2024-02-02)

diagnosis: incapable of having fun; shoots straight into the realm of madness (2024-01-30)

I wasn’t made for the realities of this world I was made to pet cute animals and take naps (2024-01-30)

“I try to make the best of what I have by offering up my shlimazelhood to others, in the hope that this may illuminate their own inner shlimazel and help them come to terms with it.” — Rabbi Alan Lew (2024-01-26)

feeling an urge to lose 90% of my possessions in a magical disaster. this can’t be right (2024-01-23)

I was made to love and be loved, not to achieve impressive shit (2024-01-23)

no more tea to go by myself!!!! 🚫☕️🚫 (2024-01-21)

mistakenly thought I saw a flyer that said “Sick of Night Life? Try the bus…” (2024-01-20)

dreamed of a book containing a seemingly infinite series of portals as well as flowers and moss; also of a beetle made of gold and multicolored jewels (2024-01-20)

girl you know I got those JetPens brainworms (2024-01-16)

got briefly obsessed with rings systems in 2023 but frankly no matter what I try I can’t get this six-ring binder to work for me or my. Needs (2024-01-16)

a good genre: books written by women about women having a slightly surreal time (2024-01-16)

sublimating my desire to purchase new stationery into a quest to use up my old stationery (2024-01-15)

Benny and Joon but we’re both Joon and there’s no Johnny Depp (2024-01-14)

when I lay in bed at night as a kid I could feel the turning of the earth, and when I closed my eyes I saw myself holding hands with all the other kids on the planet in a giant circle (2024-01-13)

good news, bought a cassette tape labeled “? ? ? ?” at the record store and it turned out to be 2 hours of sick techno (2024-01-12)

it’s weird that a time is not a place. like I can’t return to my point of origin and keep walking into the 80s. anyway, can salt make you high (2024-01-08)

just another Monday night watching French arthouse cinema alone with my cat because I’m an intellectual. can’t really hear the narration over how loudly I’m crunching my chips though (2024-01-08)

recurring dream of taking a tiny ferry (it’s a rowboat) to a tiny town on a tiny island (2024-01-08)

the kokuyo mio paper + pilot frixion pen combination solves that problem because i can Just Erase It 🤔 guess i should have thought about this more (2024-01-07)

kind of sucks when my planner becomes a physical reminder of how much adhd i have (2024-01-07)

it’s sad that digital tools actually work the best for me wrt planning and to-do lists because paper is so pleasing and stimulating and it’s one of my only hobbies (2024-01-07)

the hobonichi is so lovely and charming but i’m almost like why didn’t i get a weekly jibun techo, using the DAYs with pilot frixion pens was actually working so well for me for awhile. now i keep having to cross things out cause erasable pens don’t work well with tomoe river paper (2024-01-07)

had a dream about a kitchen product called “daniel’s egg.” i had no idea what it did but nevertheless thought to myself “do i need daniel’s egg?” (2024-01-05)

one time when I was 12 I had a dream about a beautiful woman who became one with the sky. she looked just like Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest. god, I was so gay. (2024-01-01)

me on game day: “I hate sports” me five seconds later, after seeing two buff dudes in baseball jerseys holding hands: “wait, sports are gay?! 😻” (2023-12-31)

misread science dot gov as science dot gay (2023-12-31)

saw a coffee mug that said “oh, shit!” but misread it as “oi, slut!” (2023-12-31)

audhd dot pdf (2023-12-31)

guh… like… tumblr can be fun sometimes but I’ve wasted soooo much time on it (and youtube) this year (2023-12-29)

if I cannot be a Moomintroll then the least I can do is sleep twelve hours a day every winter (2023-12-29)

I think there is a mouse living in my wall (2023-12-28)

drizzle, hojicha, and patrick wolf ~ the circling sky (selected b-sides) <3 (2023-12-27)

Tiny of the Taiga (2023-12-27)

yunnan black snail tea + ryuichi sakamoto - playing the piano 12122020 (2023-12-26)

the second cup of tea of the day has turned into anxiety juice while my back was turned (2023-12-19)

keep getting stuck between moments unable to figure out what I’m doing or how to do anything (2023-12-15)

pep talk playlist keeping me alive (2023-12-09)

update The Sadness (TM) has taken me (2023-12-08)

rainbow christmas basement laundry vortex (2023-12-08)

crying and trying every day. I refuse to be taken by The Sadness (TM) (2023-12-08)

good news I tried every productivity app known to man and the only one that doesn’t overwhelm me is still the first one I tried. (2023-12-05)

dreamed there was an indie band with a song called “your life is a ship in a bottle of light in the afterworld” (2023-12-03)

if you’re looking for the hot new gay brunch spot, it’s in a hidden desert oasis. I visited it in a dream. (2023-12-03)

listening to quiet korean jazz and watching the sky turn from black to blue with a mug of tea and a tiny cat. (2023-12-03)

RIP my boy Shane McGowan. I spent many a lonesome night playing Lullaby of London poorly on guitar alone in my room. 🍻 (2023-11-30)

dreamed I was trying to use Ancient Greek tablets to resurrect a lesbian from the dead and I asked Xena for advice because of that time she went to the Amazon land of the dead to save Gabrielle. But you know. They were just gal pals (2023-11-30)

if you feel too many feelings at once can it explode your skeleton (2023-11-28)

when I was a teen I misheard the lyrics of “silver springs” as “I’ll follow you down till the sound of my horse will haunt you” and imagined Stevie Nicks on a majestic steed, galloping relentlessly across the plain like some kind of Elvish princess (2023-11-28)

dreamed about a town where scientists were studying corn snakes, a millionaire’s gothic castle loomed on a hill, and I drank a blend called “arctic mirror” at a black-metal coffee shop. (2023-11-28)

Nice! This girl reads 100 books per year and still doesn’t know anything (2023-11-26)

dreamed of a t-shirt that said “I’m not ready to leave—THE CYCLE OF SAMSARA” (2023-11-26)

watched Bottoms (2023), felt so seen. gay and untalented 4 life (2023-11-24)

dreamed I was the (hot) lead singer of a metal band managed by an evil wizard but all I wanted to do was turn into a pastel goth dragon and fly to my crush’s window so we could read fan fic together. (2023-11-24)

found a secret way to quit the bean (2023-11-21)

dreamed I could somehow see both the moon and the earth in the night sky over a suburban street (2023-11-21)

constantly trying to contact my therapist in my dreams. Dr. [redacted] can you hear me girl??? (2023-11-19)

in my “wild geese” by Mary Oliver era (2023-11-19)

looking forward to tinytown 7.0. tiny bedsit. come drink scottish breakfast in this belle & sebastian song of an apartment with me (2023-11-18)

dreamed YouTube recommended me a video titled “42 kinds of beans I don’t mind” (2023-11-18)

also dreamed of a musical where a lady in 18th-century french garb was singing about how crystal healing was fake and she was getting her phd in chemistry. (2023-11-14)

dreamed about a grove of whimsical yellow tufty trees and a bird that made sculptures out of sand. (2023-11-14)

we’ll always have Stevie Nicks night (me to my gay bff) (2023-11-13)

nothing is going smoothly with apartment hunting and I can’t even blame mercury?? Outrage (2023-11-13)

who dares call me on the phone when I’m vibing to Tracy Chapman with my headphones (2023-11-10)

also trying to fight the voice in my head that’s like “you deserve to live in a dark dark sludgehole” (2023-11-10)

99% sure I won’t be approved for the apartment I looked at yesterday but I really liked that cube (2023-11-10)

haha remember when I did mdma and then just lay down and started info dumping about kelp forests for 8 hours (2023-11-09)

::peers through my spyglass:: ::sights a straight person who has never seen anime:: wtf (2023-11-07)

keep visiting the same konbini in my dreams. it glows softly in the center of a tucked away intersection (2023-11-07)

teaching a course titled “Living with Sapphic Brain Fog” (2023-11-01)

jk please compost me when I die (2023-10-30)

epitaph idea: HERE LIE THE BONES OF A LONESOME LESBIAN (2023-10-30)

live, laugh, love, light homophobic demons on fire with a homemade flamethrower (2023-10-29)

IDEA: breakup registry (2023-10-28)

Gainesville: ::awards Laura Jane Grace the key to the city:: me: ::awards Laura Jane Grace the key to my heart:: (2023-10-28)

last night cat #2 knocked a piece of lettuce off my plate and between my legs, then emitted a primordial growl while shoving her head and paws into my crotch to grab the aforementioned lettuce while I watched frozen in horrified fascination (2023-10-28)

winter is fun because you get to be dommed by the elements (2023-10-28)

oops I got absorbed in an activity and forgot to eat or pee or drink water (2023-10-27)

wish I had the ability to get absorbed in activities (2023-10-26)

It has been 13 months since I played a video game by myself. (2023-10-19)

album of the day: Sam Cooke - NIGHT BEAT (2023-10-19)

really missed my calling as a groupie for 1940s sapphic baseball players (2023-10-19)

habitually turning to Buddhism in times of crisis only to then get stressed out about a whole new set of things (2023-10-18)

finally figured out the vibe I project and it’s “person you can talk about cats to” (2023-10-18)

my favorite thing about adulthood is thinking “this person seems normal, they would probably reject me as a freak” and then learning they have minute knowledge of Doctor Who trivia or passionate opinions about Sailor Moon or Klingon insignia on their motorcycle helmet (2023-10-18)

there is a handsome tuxedo cat on my street and I’m kind of in love with how much he hates me. (2023-10-18)

cranberry cold foam (2023-10-18)

was cleaning my Vans when I suddenly thought “I hope the anarchist punks I was friends with in 2008 are okay” (2023-10-15)

Okay so maybe I didn’t develop a new hobby or skill over the course of the unpleasantness, but I did develop a new form of eczema (2023-10-06)

thinking about sad singers from days gone by (2023-10-04)

Greta Garbo is goals: retire at 36 and spend the next several decades wandering around (2023-10-03)

points of interest in my ancestral swedish hometown: 1) terrifying old mining shafts 2) museum of crispbread 3) statue of poet 4) mausoleum 5) “moose safari” (2023-10-02)

drank a black sugar hojicha oat latte the other day (2023-10-02)

mmm eating antipsychotics off the floor (2023-10-02)

dreamed I was transported to a high-fantasy world where I found myself gently trying to persuade the king-loving populace to embrace anarchism and plant food forests (2023-10-01)

Margaret Killjoy–inspired t-shirt idea: “NAZIS DON’T GO TO VALHALLA” (2023-09-27)

people who park at my bus stop… I wish you a not very cromulent morning (2023-09-17)

everyone: “it’s good to have a morning routine” me: “okay” my brain: “8–10 am: tired, 10–11 am: sad, 11 am – 12 pm: angry” (2023-09-16)

next year I would like to read less nonsense and watch more nonsense (2023-09-16)

third base is when I let you see my spreadsheets (2023-09-14)

me: okay I’m going to be brave and try the thing ::tries the thing:: ::crying:: okay actually fuck this (2023-09-13)

not to be vainglorious but sometimes I’m absolutely floored by the beauty of my music from books playlist (2023-09-11)

stationery-wise, I am currently excited to use up what I have (2023-09-10)

still on book 3 but would very much like to recommend the elemental logic series (2023-09-10)

filofax……………………. (2023-08-17)

cold vanilla oat foam memories (2023-08-17)

dreamed about the joy of drinking a cup of coffee by the shores of a stormy lake (2023-08-16)

I just want the perfect journaling / planning / big book of everything system and to feel contentment 😭 (2023-08-16)

one time I made a men’s fashion Pinterest board and now my Pinterest feed is just pictures of handsome men interspersed with Japanese notebooks (2023-08-15)

I wish I could just buy books constantly 😭 (2023-08-15)

me, brushing my teeth: “I wonder what’s on KEXP in the middle of the night” KEXP: “OONST OONST” me, spraying toothpaste everywhere: “YESSS RAVE WITH ME” the cats: 😒😒 (2023-08-13)

I like thinking about how we’re not smarter than Paleolithic people. We just know different things (2023-08-10)

dreamed I got shot with an arrow by someone’s mom, saved my friend from falling off a cliff, got smacked by a tsunami, and then was told there was no healthcare available and that I had to build my own house. lmao (2023-08-10)

thought I wasn’t going to be able to watch over the garden wall this year and that I was consequently going to perish (2023-08-08)

watching cat #2 eat carrot tops from the garden like an evil bunny (2023-08-05)

my art history instructor: ::explains in detail the sociopolitical reasons for this stained glass window’s existence:: my brain: rainbow…………. (2023-08-04)

someone needs to record a sapphic cover of “leader of the pack” (2023-08-01)

all day long I take naps and feel different inexpressible feelings in my brain (2023-07-29)

Nadja “helping out” at the restaurant by pouring coffee on people’s salads on What We Do in the Shadows is literally me (2023-07-29)

In my dreams at night I’m learning to drive and to play the violin for some reason. But I still can’t go on the freeway and I can only play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (2023-07-26)

the most important person in my life is not me. it’s Tiny. (2023-07-24)

holy shit, remember in the 90s when they gave us kids a self-esteem workbook called “the most important person in my life is ME”?? (2023-07-24)

watermelon cider (2023-07-23)

I love being cringe and irrelevant. It’s how I’ve always truly been and how I was always meant to be 😌 (2023-07-23)

Nine Realms Brew botanical tea (2023-07-19)

all my life I have been told I am weird and strange but no matter what I do I cannot seem to stop being weird and strange. oh well. (2023-07-17)

please enjoy my strange but friendly brand of customer service. will you get what you asked for? maybe. will I mean it when I wish you a good night at 4 pm? yes. (2023-07-17)

a bus is a trundlebeast (2023-07-17)

Tiny spends half the day sleeping in a cube in a dark closet and half sleeping in a sunbeam on a hot windowsill (2023-07-17)

I want to feel a cold salty northern wind slapping me in the face (2023-07-17)

I thought when I got older I would understand things and DO things but I mostly just lie around and I don’t understand anything. (2023-07-15)

I am a fidgety little mouse of no particular talents but I do enjoy drinking coffee with my friends and sticking things in my planner. (2023-07-14)

I also keep starting books and not finishing them (2023-07-14)

I keep reading books and being like “that was fine” (2023-07-14)

cold brew in a can + weird instrumental metal on a tuesday (2023-07-11)

stale pocky (2023-07-08)

are you ready for hot Trill summer (2023-07-06)

currently listening: takashi kokubo ~ oasis of the wind 2 (2023-07-06)

“This is my capsule wardrobe” I said proudly, pointing to a pair of ancient sweatpants and a t-shirt advertising a defunct emo band (2023-07-05)

watching DS9 while high. had the thought “Worf would fuck the sun for Jadzia” (2023-07-03)

random dudes on the street sure do like to ask if I’m okay… thank you? do I have resting melancholic face? (2023-07-03)

I have this suspicion that I’m not reading right. Like I’m just going through the book-motions. Pushing a book-rock up a hill. What is happening (2023-06-28)

keep getting confused about WHY I’m reading the books I’m reading and this causes existential distress. I don’t think I had this problem when I was a 10 year old reading fantasy novels (2023-06-28)

tfw you accidentally touch one of god’s creatures and that creature is a spider :((( (2023-06-28)

dreamed I was walking up a path of shifting sand while intoning “the sea is the daemon of sleep. The sea is the daemon of delusion. The sea is the daemon of dreams.” (2023-06-28)

wish there was a website called “what is my problem?” where you would take a quiz and it would gently tell you exactly what your problem was and exactly what to do about it (2023-06-27)

pizza polycule (2023-06-25)

tfw when it’s pride weekend and you’re so so gay and so so introverted (2023-06-25)

I enjoy dancing poorly while my cat looks at me blankly (2023-06-24)

product idea: SheLurk, a sapphic dating app where it is impossible to message anyone (2023-06-23)

every time I see something about “essentialism” I just think of that Kurt Vonnegut quote about how “we are here on earth to fart around” (2023-06-21)

tumblr has burrowed into my brain to such an extent that whenever I eat a salad I still think “meow meow, I’m eatin’ leafs” (2023-06-18)

black coffee & palo santo (2023-06-18)

::lies peacefully in my grave:: ::hears a jangly guitar:: ::rips off my coffin lid and punches through six feet of dirt:: (2023-06-18)

tiny sleeps on my head and absorbs my dreams … baku-san (2023-06-17)

my cat is licking broccoli off my astronomy books (2023-06-16)

if nihilism isn’t an effective way to deal with my problems then I guess nothing is!! (2023-06-16)

🎶 someday my bus will come🎶 (2023-06-13)

life takes about 10,000 spoons and I have… ::checks inventory:: one broken spork from the mall food court (2023-06-12)

tfw you have anhedonia and then foolishly negatively compare yourself to other people who seem to be enjoying things on the gram (2023-06-11)

nice! this woman thought about jadzia dax and got an actual nosebleed (2023-06-09)

me the day before my period: La La La La La La LA ^_^ BUT me the day I get my period: >:((((((((((((((((((((((???? (2023-06-03)

keep thinking about my mom’s reaction when I told her JKR is a transphobe: “what a LOSER” (2023-06-02)

reading a novella about nuns traveling through the outer reaches of space in a giant solar-powered sea slug. (2023-05-30)

tiny wants to eat strawberry kit-kats… (2023-05-29)

pretty sure I’ll always be a space cadet but the amount that my executive functioning has improved since quitting my job is nuts. (2023-05-29)

dracula daily is a pleasant way to imbibe dracula (2023-05-28)

sighted outside the science bookstore cafe: abandoned mass market paperback copy of Star Trek: deep space nine: the dominion war (2023-05-27)

a pebble on the crest of a cosmic wave (2023-05-27)

lychee milk (2023-05-26)

currently reading: the Milky Way: an autobiography of our galaxy (2023-05-26)

iced sencha, salty seaweed (2023-05-26)

when my music from books playlist gains a new transition, from the Sex Pistols to the Sound of Music… nice (2023-05-26)

no caffeine experiment, day 1: herbal infusion explodes all over the lab (2023-05-24)

proclaimed in my dream last night “nothing makes sense, and nothing will ever make sense, because you’re a badger drinking tea on top of a turtle” (2023-05-22)

the tumblr bots have such good usernames. alluringhush and loadedscimitar. this is poetry. although my favorites so far are overhead-ass and discreditedlawyer (2023-05-22)

Too Neurodivergent for the Club (2023-05-21)

my mug featured a himbo pornbot named chad (yes) who was holding another, smaller coffee mug (2023-05-21)

had a dream about a new product idea: a website that generates a coffee mug featuring the icon and username of your favorite tumblr pornbot (2023-05-21)

dreamed I was supposed to play Hamlet but hadn’t learned my lines (2023-05-18)

I like tarot but it’s heavy as fuck. Plus I get the hanged man like ninety percent of the time. Need to obtain some cute cat oracle cards (2023-05-15)

heat wave honeyed cold brew (2023-05-15)

for years I have wanted to start an emo band called Second Only to Laura. yes this is a reference to Petrarch’s beloved cat. no I don’t play an instrument (2023-05-14)

when i was 19 i went to a house show where the hottest dyke in town played “with or without you” on electric guitar while sitting on her amp and it destroyed me emotionally for the rest of my life. (2023-05-14)

uh oh I found out about amy lee’s 2015 cover of “with or without you” (2023-05-14)

reading small bodies of water by nina mingya powles and it’s really good. (2023-05-13)

why do i deprive myself of the taste of fruit & the touch of water (2023-05-12)

dreamed laura jane grace was my upstairs neighbor and i was collecting sparkly stickers to hide all over her apartment (2023-05-12)

star trek made me gay (2023-05-12)

I know I can’t have one because cats, but sometimes I long for a blue budgie. A periwinkle parakeet, if you will (2023-05-11)

suddenly pierced through the heart by remembering that joni mitchell’s “come in from the cold” exists (2023-05-11)

pretty sure playing Fleetwood Mac while restocking scented candles is living my best life (2023-05-09)

there is a world of sunshine and rainbows deep in my brain. i like to visit it sometimes :) (2023-05-07)

last night: pitch black north satanic tea co’s “throat of lucifer” mint + lavender tea (2023-05-07)

dreamed i went to the art museum, searched everywhere for a cup of coffee, and stumbled around gazing up into the eyes of enormous stylized statues (2023-05-05)

pitch black north satanic tea co’s “devil’s blood” english breakfast (2023-05-05)

Tank Girl and Jet Girl are so appealing because they refuse to accept the powerlessness imposed upon them by an unjust society. Also because they are gay. In this essay (2023-05-04)

dating app but it’s only for people seeking romantic friendships (2023-05-04)

what music would you play if you worked in an art gallery that was also a witch shop? (2023-05-02)

dreamed someone told me “you are Tank Girl.” (2023-05-02)

Slopey Snail: round 2 (2023-05-02)

the crinkle of plastic library book covers……… mogami river (2023-04-29)

I love Shaun Tan’s art v much (2023-04-29)

keep having dreams about towers that extend deep underground and have weird things at the bottom like a bunch of feral cat skeletons or a perfectly round hole that leads to another dimension. (2023-04-29)

dreamed a scientist told me the ocean was made of green tea (2023-04-28)

I have looked at too much Art and now I have Art Glut (2023-04-27)

iced kodama sencha (2023-04-27)

product idea: Baba Yaga’s house keychain ornament (2023-04-27)

I saw swallows today (2023-04-26)

hmm I take it back, I feel like I’m there when I look at Ancient Things too. this has been today’s pointless thought circle brought to you by Boba Guys Blend No. 1 (2023-04-25)

I have a crush on every girl (2023-04-25)

art history book proposal: A Little History of Titties (2023-04-25)

big fan of plenty of Old Art but it’s not till the Impressionists that art gives me a sense of Being There (2023-04-25)

train! (2023-04-22)

I! Enjoy! Pretend! Homework! (2023-04-20)

the skull is the mansion we haunt with our brains (2023-04-18)

successfully avoided dropping a large skull on the floor today (2023-04-18)

I try to have Resting Archaic Smile Face at work at all times (2023-04-18)

special shoutout to scandalous ancient Etruscan women. you go gals 🍷 (2023-04-18)

dreamed I posted “dreamed I posted ‘I feel like I would be a good musician except I’m extremely bad at music’ “ (2023-04-18)

::is literally at work:: hmm I should be working on something (2023-04-16)

it’s too bad drinking coffee summons the kindly ones (2023-04-16)

ube latte aka purple coffee (2023-04-16)

every day the smush falls asleep on the arm of the couch, and every day she falls off. and every time she returns to the arm of the couch. she never gives up and that is an inspiration (2023-04-16)

reading Winter’s Orbit. it sort of reminds me of a homoromantic story I wrote when I was ten, except, you know, good (2023-04-16)

everywhere I go, I inadvertently do something strange and awkward in that place. and in this way I leave my mark upon the world. (2023-04-15)

LibraryThing is a good website (2023-04-14)

constantly dreaming about the bus (2023-04-14)

jadzia dax, the trill next door (2023-04-13)

my interests are kitties my religion is kitties. Kitty cats. (2023-04-12)

in a move shocking no one, punks, goths, geeks, and metalheads are the friendliest customers (2023-04-11)

iron goddess of mercy latte (2023-04-10)

herbal tea: -tastes nice -health benefits -soothing -fills me with a sense of well-being / coffee: -tastes weird -literally causes madness / me: 1 coffee pls (2023-04-09)

part-time peddler of charms & enchantments (2023-04-09)

::sips coffee:: hmm I could really go for some coffee right now (2023-04-05)

dreamed I was cradling the skull of a hawk (2023-04-05)

coffee & crystals (2023-04-03)

absolutely destroyed by the sapphic Dax episode of DS9 (2023-03-28)

Emma Ruth Rundle. My #1 favorite clown. (2023-03-27)

tall girls…… (2023-03-25)

my cat smells like chamomile tea (2023-03-25)

currently reading: letters from tove (2023-03-25)

we need to bring back “ghost” as a euphemism for “lesbian” (2023-03-23)

I think I can safely say I have finally achieved planner peace with the Jibun Techo DAYs mini 😌 (2023-03-23)

combing the internet for clues to a finnish folk song about a bird (2023-03-22)

cuttin’ coupons & requestin’ library books (2023-03-21)

sorry couldn’t hear ya. the riverbank was talking of the waters of march (2023-03-21)

hey babe you ok? you’ve been reblogging a lot of pictures of the Faroe Islands (2023-03-20)

blackberry sage cider at dusk. world washed in peaceful blue. bird murals in alleys and standing stones in gardens. at one with reality for an hour or so. (2023-03-20)

hot dead landscape painters of the 1930s want to chat NOW (2023-03-20)

if you’ve ever wondered what ADHD masking looks like, consider that this morning while walking down the street I became fixated on a beautiful pigeon and used every ounce of my willpower to refrain from saying “PIGEON” out loud (2023-03-17)

duolingo Scottish Gaelic. If I’m extremely lucky one day I’ll talk to an old woman in a highland croft and sound like a complete idiot (2023-03-16)

yeah I’m in my slut era. recklessly commingling my books with those of others (2023-03-16)

Mark rothko’s paintings of rectangles make me feel oppressed. Agnes martin’s paintings of rectangles make me feel free (2023-03-16)

free idea: extra strong espresso drink called “the sludgehammer” (2023-03-15)

🎶 cause I’m leavin’ on a space train, don’t know when I’ll be back again 🎶 (2023-03-15)

a therapist once told me I would “never be ecstatically happy” so now I am determined to become ecstatically happy out of spite. (2023-03-12)

raktajino, extra sweet (2023-03-11)

ds9 might be the horniest trek (2023-03-03)

me: ok it’s 3 am, time to relax and get some sleep 😌 my brain: what if the 90s weren’t real (2023-03-02)

can’t decide what’s more lesbian: simultaneously touching the wallpaper on opposite sides of a wall or sending each other tormented letters from opposite sides of the galaxy (2023-02-28)

🥲 (2023-02-27)

what is the most gentle job for sad people (2023-02-27)

literature with fictional tv shows: little blue encyclopedia (for vivian) by hazel jane plante; future feeling by joss lake; “magic for beginners” by kelly link (2023-02-21)

the neurospiciness must flow… neurospiciness is necessary for space travel (2023-02-19)

neurospice latte (2023-02-19)

of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into quark’s (2023-02-18)

nana tea (mint + lemon) (2023-02-15)

thinking about Olm… they are down there… in the caves… (2023-02-13)

Japanese jazz + airplane coffee & pretzels + views of snow-capped peaks (2023-02-07)

beach [goth] hazards statement (2023-02-06)

FLIP I forgot to bring a plushie!!! (2023-02-06)

haunted by the sight of a tsa agent waving my dirty little vans shoe in the air like it was some kind of crime (2023-02-06)

~ DS9 aesthetic moodboard ~ (2023-02-05)

gingersnap coffee nap (2023-02-04)

every guest on Travel Man seems like they are extremely high while Richard Ayoade is stone cold sober (2023-02-02)

one of the playground insults I incurred as a child was “gayship commander” and I’ll always treasure that (2023-02-02)

the problem with tea is that I can drink an extra-large Star Trek–themed mug of it and immediately go back to sleep (2023-02-02)

it’s Frugal February! (2023-02-01)

prevented cat from eating soap. cat hissed a lot (2023-01-31)

Dylan Thomas poems… such extreme bangers… (2023-01-31)

magical boy transformation… (2023-01-31)

the new year hasn’t started until you get blood on your planner (2023-01-30)

accepting that little Swedish backpacks are the only ones that fit on my tiny-ass shoulders (2023-01-30)

gonna be 34 this year which means I only have a year and a half to become emperor of France :/ (2023-01-30)

imagine becoming a mall Santa but for cats (2023-01-30)

searched for a specific picture of Ben Whishaw for ten years and finally found it (2023-01-29)

fiction is my self-help (2023-01-28)

linden blossom kombucha (2023-01-26)

my gender is jules (2023-01-24)

goodbye forever job! (2023-01-23)

entering the world of kdramas like ::insert illustration of worm driving apple car:: (2023-01-22)

for a second I thought minimalism was interesting but then I remembered I love objects and being happy (2023-01-20)

writing a sci fi show for my mom to star in called Deep Space Wine (2023-01-19)

gf is making us French toast for dinner while playing a record she has described as “German doom jazz” (2023-01-19)

that one meme but it’s me ignoring work and looking at videos labeled “Tokyo daily life vlog with coffee and plants” (2023-01-19)

hey Siri, play opening banger from Scottish Christmas zombie musical on repeat (2023-01-19)

YouTube ads really showed me a commercial for Jesus followed by a commercial for beef… (2023-01-19)

running book bingo on no brain cells (2023-01-17)

falling asleep to 90s Star Trek is so soothing (2023-01-17)

reading a book about Miyazaki and getting worked up into a frenzy about how much I love Miyazaki (2023-01-15)

currently reading: a memory called empire by arkady martine (2023-01-07)

cone coffee (2023-01-07)

this year’s predominant emotions have been (1) boredom and (2) love (2022-12-29)

got so mad about transphobes this morning I blacked out and accidentally solved a puzzle (2022-12-28)

yes I bought four planners for 2023, yes I am only using the cheapest and simplest one (2022-12-28)

it’s almost like it shouldn’t cost $$$$ and be incredibly complicated and confusing to be alive (2022-12-28)

lost in health insurance land 😵‍💫 (2022-12-28)

cats bring me closer to god (2022-12-24)

may your days be merry and weird, and may all your crimboses be queer (2022-12-23)

soup and jazz (2022-12-22)

I think I was meant to live in a time before there was so much internet … a time when things were clunky and tactile and shitty (2022-12-19)

stumbled onto a guide to giving holiday gifts to women in their thirties and it was like, a folding treadmill and a wine holder for the bath (2022-12-15)

me: >:( my gf: ::makes me coffee:: me: :D (2022-12-13)

can’t wait to go from quiet quitting to audible quitting (2022-12-13)

lying awake on the couch for two hours every night is my hobby (2022-12-10)

what’s a good way to get out of a reading rut? is the answer manga (2022-12-10)

salted rosemary latte (2022-12-10)

conversation with my gf where I just ask her if she remembers different Nickelodeon shows one by one and she says yes (2022-12-10)

need environmental enrichment (2022-12-07)

asked my gf if she thought i could become metal and she said probably (2022-12-06)

pro tip: you can make yourself a peppermint latte without leaving your home by putting on chapstick right before taking a sip of coffee (2022-12-02)

Currently reading defekt by nino cipri (2022-11-27)

need to spiritually return to when i was in scandinavia having scandinavian breakfasts and had the energy to power walk around viking burial mounds in the cold (2022-11-15)

worried about all the hypothetical people in duolingo swedish sentences who are living on bröd och vatten (2022-11-15)

rainy night hojicha and cold soba noodles (2022-11-02)

thank you medieval people for inventing planners and glasses (2022-10-31)

band called pg and the tips. we are sponsored by pg tips and we only sing about tea (2022-10-27)

can of ito en green tea (2022-10-19)

every time i have to go into the code at work i immediately become a 90s movie hacker with sick sunglasses on indoors (2022-10-19)

goldfish like if you agree (2022-10-16)

just read: threshold by anke gladnick (2022-10-16)

just read: stray by molly mendoza (2022-10-16)

just read: faster by jesse lonergan (2022-10-16)

just read: die horny by rebecca mock (2022-10-15)

ordered a new mechanical keyboard with brown switches and nice keycaps (2022-10-14)

need to cook up some things to look forward to. but, i am a very bad cook (2022-10-13)

lemoncoccocococoxoxoxoooo (2022-10-11)

love when people in period pieces power-walk around everywhere in their outfits (2022-10-10)

today and every day in adhd news: brain craves stimulation but doesn’t know where to find it (2022-10-10)

period dramas: these lesbians gave each other bibles … romantically (2022-10-08)

calamansi sparkling water (2022-10-08)

what’s your favorite nature documentary? (2022-10-08)

yuzu ginger sparkling water (yes i am trying all the sanzo flavors) (2022-10-06)

every night i dream about apartments, school, and the sea (2022-10-05)

currently reading: the goblin emperor by katherine addison (2022-10-05)

finally finished watching ARIA :_) (2022-10-05)

currently reading: monstress, vol. 7: devourer by marjorie liu and sana takeda (2022-10-04)

::reads nice book:: this book isn’t fucked up enough (2022-10-01)

listening to quiet music quietly (2022-10-01)

we have grown a small, a medium, and a Large carrot and when i pulled Large out of the ground i accidentally exclaimed “BIG BOY” (2022-09-30)

sorry i can’t work today i’m still thinking about my dreams last night (2022-09-30)

a mysterious peacock diadem(?) has appeared in my home (2022-09-29)

currently reading: a prayer for the crown-shy by becky chambers (2022-09-29)

hmm i still want a cute mechanical keyboard but i need one that’s shhhhh and doesn’t hurt my wrists (2022-09-29)

early autumn rain (2022-09-28)

baking night-muffins (2022-09-27)

why do i have a memory of a movie where strawberry shortcake went through a cracked mirror to a mordor-like wasteland (2022-09-27)

have decided i’m free from my ill-advised mcu journey after finally watching endgame (2022-09-27)

a lovely day to shop for stickers (2022-09-25)

spooky books on display at the bookshop :) (2022-09-25)

ambrosia black tea (2022-09-25)

i don’t want to think about my real life, i want to watch nature documentaries about the birds of new zealand (2022-09-22)

lychee sparkling water (2022-09-22)

love seeing people’s crinkly-crumply hobonichi pages (2022-09-22)

boba guys blend no. 1 (2022-09-20)

gonzo moved away which was a little sad but omg omg i found LOLLY on the first island i visited to find a new villager and i’m so happy (2022-09-20)

currently reading: nona the ninth by tamsyn muir (2022-09-18)

formosa green snail tea 🐌🌿 (2022-09-18)

cat status: calmly squished in the back of the closet of her own volition (2022-09-18)

petition to rename christmas trees disco trees (2022-09-17)

right now i’m pretty sure my favorite song is k.k. robot synth (2022-09-17)

hualien honey aroma tea (2022-09-16)

iced kodama sencha (2022-09-12)

rewatched: ponyo (2022-09-12)

::drinks tea:: ::gains 5 health:: ::drinks coffee:: ::takes 10 damage:: (2022-09-11)

new hobonichi cousin is here!! (2022-09-06)

this book owns (2022-09-06)

early evening iced assam (2022-09-05)

a huge green pumpkin has appeared!! (2022-09-05)

currently reading: wrath goddess sing by maya deane (2022-09-05)

new villager: cole (2022-09-02)

another aspiring pop star (bangle) has left to pursue her dreams (2022-09-02)

falling in love with stabilo fineliners (2022-08-31)

currently reading: lavinia by ursula k. le guin (2022-08-31)

listening to soothing field recordings of a japanese garden because oh boy is it a week (2022-08-30)

double oolong monday (2022-08-29)

thinking about paintings of tigers (2022-08-29)

museum and tea! (2022-08-29)

cloudy day chai (2022-08-26)

cube the penguin came to my campsite and how i wished he would stay forever (2022-08-26)

bedsheets not spreadsheets (2022-08-26)

the adhd process: do something, realize you’ve done it in a way that makes sense only to you, redo it 1–3 times (2022-08-26)

currently reading: the house of rust by khadija abdalla bajaber (2022-08-25)

currently very open to suggestions for non-depressing music, movies, and books (2022-08-25)

i simply wish to buy plushies and go to sleep amongst them (2022-08-25)

tried to read a new novel but got extremely hung up on a sentence about a tangerine (2022-08-25)

there’s an english version of the hobonichi cousin this year, my dream has come true (2022-08-25)

now would be a good time for a previously unknown great-aunt to bequeath me a weird house and a small fortune. (2022-08-24)

gerard manley hopkins wrote some real hits (2022-08-24)

currently listening: hiroshi yoshimura’s green mixed with ocean sounds (2022-08-24)

green tea nutella milkshake (2022-08-23)

it’s hard to know what books to read sometimes (2022-08-23)

fight the ennui with kkb (2022-08-23)

dreamed someone was giving me boba and telling me to read less and play video games more (2022-08-23)

oops i’m languishing (2022-08-22)

tabling the dragon book (2022-08-22)

it’s a two-mugs-of-scottish-breakfast monday (2022-08-22)

park friend time is the best time and also the only activity i’m aware of (2022-08-22)

sparkling raspberry lemonade (2022-08-21)

trying out cozy grove (2022-08-20)

remembered that stardew valley makes me melancholy (2022-08-20)

iced english breakfast taken outdoors (2022-08-20)

there’s a leaf-spice scent in the air (2022-08-20)

our pumpkin vine is longer than i am (2022-08-20)

extra-deckled edges (2022-08-20)

cucumber lemonade (2022-08-19)

currently reading: the habitation of the blessed by catherynne m. valente (2022-08-19)

this book might be too long for my brain. tbd (2022-08-18)

started a new stardew valley farm (2022-08-18)

i think of myself sort of like a cookie that didn’t come out very well but it’s okay because i wasn’t trying to become star baker (2022-08-17)

blasting my brain with the mcu has left me excited about independent cinema again (2022-08-17)

had a thai iced tea last night (2022-08-17)

just realized the thread in this cross-stitch kit comes in the colors of the bisexual pride flag. major bonus (2022-08-17)

drinking my dragonwell, reading my dragon book (2022-08-16)

i love the following phrases: maple keys and dandelion clocks (2022-08-16)

so many dandelions (2022-08-16)

rip my favorite dragon book character, you were too pure for this world (2022-08-15)

suddenly missed living in a small town (2022-08-15)

this fancy oolong tastes like the jeweled fruits of the goblin market (2022-08-15)

night rooibos (2022-08-14)

we have eaten the tomato (2022-08-14)

shino moved away to pursue her pop star career (good luck shino!), so new villager: gonzo (2022-08-14)

summer park friend time plus strawberry shortcake ice cream (2022-08-13)

gotta love an enormous novel with two maps, epigraphs, a persons of the tale, a glossary, and a timeline (2022-08-12)

cat status: prevented from eating a pink ribbon (2022-08-12)

cat status: playing with a rainbow (2022-08-12)

if only we could adopt a hedgehog, for the garden (2022-08-11)

we have grown 1 ripe tomato (2022-08-11)

currently reading: the priory of the orange tree by samantha shannon (2022-08-11)

black cherry soda (2022-08-10)

potato galette (2022-08-10)

august morning downpour (2022-08-10)

hers-and-hers electric kettles (2022-08-09)

currently reading: my solo exchange diary, vol. 1 by nagata kabi (2022-08-09)

as a child i listened to medieval music on cassette tape but now i listen to “bardcore” on the “world wide web” (2022-08-08)

tiny’s magic academy has opened on my resort island (2022-08-08)

why didn’t purrl like my gift of a frozen ramune treat >:( (2022-08-08)

pinvin —> pinfin —> pendefen —> penda’s fen (2022-08-07)

chai latte and a currant scone (2022-08-07)

i am going to cross-stitch a d20 (2022-08-05)

listening to field recordings of an autumnal belgian arboretum (2022-08-05)

currently reading: legends & lattes by travis baldree (2022-08-05)

genmaicha aka popcorn tea on a rainy summer day (2022-08-04)

covering up quotes from that one author with washi tape :) (2022-08-03)

my copy of the hero’s journal (magic academy edition) has arrived (2022-08-03)

i know it’s only august 3 but it’s happening . . . autumn is coming (2022-08-03)

cat status: fast asleep after tumbling off the back of the couch onto the cushions (2022-08-03)

listening to field recordings of the irish coast (2022-08-02)

our pumpkin plant is in bloom (2022-08-02)

brewing some vietnamese breakfast tea of almost-forgotten provenance (2022-08-01)

cat status: curled-up window loaf (2022-08-01)

current villagers: purrl, shep, goldie, puddles, marina, shino, flo, bangle, bruce, beardo (2022-08-01)

trying some new earl grey this monday morning (2022-08-01)

pancakes for dinner (2022-07-31)

currently rewatching: kiki’s delivery service (2022-07-31)

a mid-afternoon mug of yunnan black tea (2022-07-31)

a mug of dragonwell goes nicely with a fantasy novel (2022-07-31)

new villager: purrl (2022-07-31)

obsessed with playing: scents & semiosis (2022-07-30)

heat wave hojicha (2022-07-30)

currently reading: the ten thousand doors of january by alix e. harrow (2022-07-29)

giving these fancy oolong leaves a second steep (2022-07-29)

taiwanese super fancy oolong at noon (2022-07-29)

rosemary pear soda (2022-07-28)

an afternoon cup of spring dragon oolong (2022-07-28)

currently reading: a psalm for the wild-built by becky chambers (2022-07-28)

a midday cup of dragonwell (2022-07-28)

loose-leaf scottish breakfast tea on a thursday morning (2022-07-28)

strawberry matcha latte (2022-07-27)