Tati’s Toasts

Huge gold tonberry guy gave me a sesame cookie (2024-02-21)

I had a nice time lying around dead in Gridania’s aetheryte plaza and saw some good chaos blue mages, including a huge gold tonberry guy. (2024-02-21)

I know now you need to nurture things for them to grow. Otherwise it’s just time passing. (2024-02-20)

Hoo boy my motivation for doing anything has taken a dive (2024-02-20)

Having the imperial villain guy drink a glass of milk from a carton is so funny. (2024-02-18)

Things you don’t want to hear when the nurse is trying to put an iv in you:


Oh Lord (2024-02-17)

Anyway don’t ignore weird stuff happening with your body, especially if it involves bleeding. (2024-02-16)

Would not recommend neir raid while also recovering from sedatives (2024-02-16)

Getting sedated wild shit. I slept like aaaallll day (2024-02-16)

I only have 25 more minutes of liquid left (2024-02-16)

It’s not even that bad except drinking the stuff. My brain is like wtf why are you still drinking this can you stop? I thought drinking a lot of water would be the bad part. (2024-02-16)

Imma need a kitten pile or something after this lord (2024-02-16)

I think next time I do this I’m not drinking the 2am one right after waking up. (2024-02-16)

“Drink it slow if you’re nauseous” bruh I tried slowing down and I just grossed myself out too much and nearly barfed it all up. (2024-02-16)

Woooow bad but I only threw up a little bit of this stuff (2024-02-16)

I also have to get general anesthesia which is new for meeeeee. But at least I won’t experience most things after this lol. (2024-02-16)

Bruh I’m gonna be so glad when this is over (2024-02-16)

Man the 2am one blows. My guts don’t like being rudely awoken by lots of evil salt. (2024-02-16)

Ah now I have to fight not to try to spit this out. Fun. (2024-02-16)

I’m so hungry I want to eat everything I see that’s edible (2024-02-15)

Gonna make a Hrothgal alt (2024-02-14)

My 2 step plan for when I’m sad:

  1. Be Sad. Fully be as sad as I feel

  2. Explode Skeletons with my mind. (2024-02-12)

I looked for other potentially stupid hats I could wear as blue mage and I think I actually already have the best options (2024-02-09)

Burg Burbger (2024-02-07)

Wow I can’t believe how little Snake does in Escape from New York. The cabby and Brain do all his work for him. (2024-02-05)

I still don’t have an fc but I think I can probably get one through the tea room folks. (2024-02-05)

I think I picked a good ffxiv group actually, there’s a lot of trans catboys and most people seem on the older side and are very friendly. (2024-02-05)

Blergh. Anxious (2024-02-04)

Aaand Iiiiiiiiiii just can’t sleeeeeep (to the tune of I will always love you) (2024-02-04)

I was gonna do work today but already spent 45 minutes stressing out about getting final fantasy music tickets and spacing out on Discord. So time to put my phone away. (2024-02-02)

This ffxiv discord is by far the most active small population discord I’ve been on and I get sucked into it really easily (2024-02-02)

There so Pokemon cards all over the floor of the bus (2024-02-01)

I can’t believe they resurrected the worst character as an Ascian. Why all the mfing villains not die for real. Can I have Moenbryda back. (2024-01-31)

Another catboy gave me soft head pats today I felt very warm and fuzzy about that. (2024-01-31)

Oh Graha Tia is so cute 🥹 (2024-01-31)

Nyall thinks Archon loaf is delicious. He’s taken all the extra and has stashed it various places in his room out of habit from his days as a lone Keeper. (Hide food for as backup). Now all his clothes smell like weird fish bread. This is the person who kills unsundered Ascians. (2024-01-29)

Man they really aren’t gonna let you hang out with Graha Tia before something bad happens huh. (2024-01-28)

Free brane inspection (2024-01-28)

Metropolis definitely more like a dance than acting. (2024-01-27)

Shadowbringers is definitely the best expansion because people actually are your friends instead of like in ARR, where Alphinaud would fail at diplomacy and then just flippantly order you to kill a primal like a shitty manager. (2024-01-25)

The reflex feeling must have been from my nerves trying to pull my hand back as quickly as possible. (2024-01-25)

It feels like being stabbed by a bunch of needles + the weird reflex feeling of hitting your elbow. (2024-01-25)

I would not recommend cutting even a little bit of your finger tip off. It’s not a wound anymore but the absolute horrible feeling of touching anything with this finger!! I hope my nerves sort this out because right now it’s worse than when it was encased in skin glue. (2024-01-25)

Oh my god I just accidentally touched something with my dang fingertip and it was awful. Put a bandaid back on just so I don’t accidentally graze a surface (2024-01-25)

Will my touch nerves come back?? (2024-01-25)

Finger area can feel hot and cold but no touch (2024-01-25)

The glue came off of where I ham sliced my finger tip off and it’s weird I gotta say (2024-01-25)

Are they gonna make housing on the moon?? (2024-01-23)

I wish Crystal Tower had housing. I’d live there. (2024-01-22)

Very torn between Introverts of Eorzea and The Fruit Bowl. The Fruit Bowl seems more cute but the introvert one is probably more my speed (2024-01-22)