Tati’s Toasts

After many months of playing ffxiv I finally saw a panty shot profile pic (2024-07-17)

I talked to some strangers in ffxiv and didn’t die and it was fine (2024-07-17)

Trying to not feel like I need to crawl in a hole and lie there indefinitely for messing up Dead Ends so much (2024-07-15)

Witness for the Prosecution: damn ok (2024-07-15)

Ah nothing like totally fucking up as tank multiple times in a dungeon I’ve never tanked with a healer totally new to the dungeon (2024-07-15)

Went outside and saw some bushtits 💯 (2024-07-15)

The Boy and the Heron definitely some kind of long thesis on “anime was a mistake”. Old man is obsessed with maintaining a world that is mostly dead. It requires repetition and patience to maintain. It’s ultimately made of a material which was never alive (stone). Mahito is attacked by paper in a room where a life is supposed to start. Attempts to bring life into the dead world fail: the pelicans are starving and the parakeets become twisted and violent. Only the warawara are fed and they only live by exiting the constructed, dead world. Seems pretty obvious to me that anime was a mistake (2024-07-10)

Poast (2024-07-09)

Cornservant (2024-07-07)

Masayoshi Soken is pretty unhinged gotta say (2024-07-07)

If Urianger goes behind my back once more I AM GOING TO STAB HIM AND FEED HIM TO LUK WAMAT (2024-07-01)

I didn’t die in Dohn Mehg, good job meeee (2024-07-01)

Hmm I do need to adjust my face paint color and lip color quite badly. I look too dolled up (2024-06-28)

Catboys 🎉 (2024-06-25)

Tchotchping (2024-06-23)

The Magic Fish is really good. One of the best comics I’ve read in a while (2024-06-22)

Salmonberry? (2024-06-19)

Ohhh why the boob physics tho. Cmon ffxiv. This is why I hate being female in mmos (2024-06-16)

Ahhhh basically all the male miqote look more sleepy and more smug. (2024-06-09)

I already went on a whole journey with the concerto so I don’t want to even hear anything else lol (2024-06-08)

Zenos really feels ancillary to this whole story and I’m so sick of his shit. What is he here for? (2024-06-08)

Why did I feel extremely awful yesterday? I forgot to take my medication ffs (2024-06-07)

Man why am I extremely anxious today (2024-06-06)

I’m also extra devastated because there are some SERIOUSLY CUTE Elezen that look great in the benchmark on my discord and like, don’t do this to me!! I don’t want to be Elezen! (2024-06-04)

I’m kinda devastated that Nyall looks weird. He already looks kinda weird but the proportions of his face now feel really off to me. I think it’s because the darkness of his eyebrows are now no longer darker than his eye sockets. The additional skin shine also make his face look even more narrow. I’ll consider it more once DT happens but I’m seriously considering changing his features to see if I can nudge his proportions back to something I like better. (2024-06-04)

Sweet Jeansis (2024-06-03)

Heartbreaking, the worst person you know (Zenos) has a point (2024-06-02)

Poor Emet. Sorry but 12,000 years of that will make you nutbars (2024-05-29)

Yeah I am not immune to Emet. Alas. Hard to not like him when the alternative is Fandaniel (2024-05-26)

The twins got some character development in Garlemald but other than that, kinda just chilling with us and being their normal weird selves (2024-05-23)

honestly I think my main criticism of Endwalker so far is it doesn’t seem to give any of the main npc characters anything to do except maybe Krile? Everyone else just seems to be hanging around. ShB did a great job with this, giving everyone a big or little arc and a conflict. (2024-05-23)

I’m gonna have to admit that ffxiv is a pretty decent exploration of chosen one narratives and the sort of chosen one narratives specific to videogame protagonists in games that have violence as the main mechanic. I don’t think it’s particularly amazingly written but it is different. (2024-05-23)

I don’t know why I got 3 player commendations as tank for that Aery run but I’ll take it (2024-05-23)

I can’t even really dodge attacks. I maaybe can avoid long cast attacks but not sure tbh (2024-05-20)

I wish I had something actually meaningful to do with the movement. Why even move around? (2024-05-20)

I messed up my healing gambit so my experience of a boss fight was basically being the healer lol. (2024-05-20)

Bruh I think I can’t smell. I can’t smell the hand sanitizer even though it burns my nose (2024-05-19)

Oh god the bad flavor is increasing. I’m filling up with bitter shapes (2024-05-17)

Oh god paxlovid really makes your saliva taste bad (2024-05-17)

Covid day 4: no fever, but tired. Intermittent stuffy nose/runny nose. Cough. Woke up feeling like I was breathing through a paper bag. This feeling has diminished somewhat (2024-05-16)

Covid feels kinda like a cold but it’s definitely evil. I woke up several times last night gasping. Like what the fuck. (2024-05-16)

Why am I sick???? Scrreeaaam (2024-05-13)

I love coming across extremely cursed tumblrs and feeling like I took a wrong turn somewhere (2024-05-13)

Ideas for Roads and Boats expansion mechanics.

No offense to people who have het wolships but every single npc is gay. You cannot convince me otherwise. (2024-05-09)

TBH FF7 Rebirth really makes it hard to suspend disbelief that anyone would trust Cloud. When you’re a little chibi guy and you don’t talk to your party members very often, easy to not think about how they feel about you. In this game they saw Cloud acting nuts several times, over the span of days/weeks. (2024-05-06)

End of ff7 rebirth very concerning. We got Cloud with 2 ghost influencers instead of 1, and also he’s partially?? In a doomed timeline. Okie doke! (2024-05-06)

I went outside and painted. Painting was mushy because I couldn’t find an angle but it was fun to do (2024-05-03)

Unfortunately reading anything about surgery makes me want to barf (2024-05-01)

I didn’t go outside today :s (2024-04-24)