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Mmm ok the Emet Selch stuff makes sense because he’s the Campy villain. (2023-12-04)

On the one hand FFXIV has lots of major female characters and that’s nice. On the other it can have some gnarly violence towards women which is Not Fun. (2023-12-02)

🫠🫥 (2023-12-01)

The bad part about developing software is you soon realize that bad decisions made many years ago become layered with mitigations that are extremely hard to undo. (2023-11-30)

Grateful to no longer have a bad headache that I had for like 18 hours but still anxious that I’m low grade sick. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow 😶 (2023-11-30)

Kyrie bothers me for some reason and I think it’s because she’s like Yuffie with an even worse outfit (2023-11-30)

However I do like the mechanics in Awakening, the team up mechanic is nice because I can move slow moving characters and if you have support with them they do crazy damage (2023-11-26)

Also the life sim parts of Three Houses does a lot to get you invested in your units. Here I’m just like oh her design is cool. Can’t talk to her :( (2023-11-26)

Fire Emblem’s writing is never spectacular but this game reminds me of how generally effective Three House’s writing really is. This game’s story is not particularly compelling and the animated cutscenes do a lot of the heavy lifting. Whereas Three Houses only had a few high budget animated scenes this one has one for each intro to that chapter’s fight. (2023-11-26)

I started playing Fire Emblem Awakening and you can do light customization for the player character so I made her tall with short light blue hair and called her Marianne (2023-11-26)

Free FFXIV Names

Errthwynd’an Fire - Keeper Miqo’te

F’huqqit Wibahl - Seeker Miqo’te

Greenbean Cassaroll - Lalafell

Haute Stuff - Elezen (2023-11-24)

This neighborhood in Virginia I’m in really has a weirdly 90s vibe. Like all the businesses here were established in the 90s and haven’t really changed. (2023-11-24)

Man I am so anxious today and I don’t know why (2023-11-13)

Me playing MSQ: traumatizing scene “hell yeah” Me playing raid side quest: *robot from space creates Cartoon Chocobo that I can only talk to through a dragon (also from space) who is now my friend after he flayed my soul and removed all my protagonist powers for reasons I still don’t understand) “hell yeah” (2023-11-13)

Quite possibly the least erotic film I’ve ever seen to include full frontal nudity that’s supposed to be titillating? Also definitely the worst foreplay not sex scenes I’ve ever seen?? I feel like this movie was trying really hard to be erotic but it’s only idea was: show boobs. (2023-11-12)

Free FFXIV names

Kiepon Kiepinon (lalafell)

Duri’an Khuki (Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te)


Ohhh I forgot to take my meds for 2 days and now I feeeeel wweeeeiird (2023-11-11)

Mini Nyall tastes like Bunny Grahams (2023-11-09)

This game of course very melodramatic like all good Final Fantasies but damn. (2023-11-07)

Bruh ffxiv still a wild time. I yelled! At Zenos. Fucked up scene TBH. (2023-11-07)

I’m now no longer actively angry about my job but still kinda depressed about it, and run out of steam late in the afternoon (2023-11-07)

I have to wait a whole month to get tested for sleep apnea. Kinda hope I have it just so I have a good, easily treatable reason for being tired all the gd time (2023-11-02)

Bruh I need to call the sleep people again uyghhhhyghhhhh (2023-10-31)

Thanks! I’ll never insult a clown ever again!! 🤔 (2023-10-30)

FFXIV really pretty good at making a lot of pyrrhic victories I gotta say. Not really making any case that what WOL does is either good or necessary. (2023-10-26)

Why does Autodesk own Instructables (2023-10-26)

Another day, another round of sitting around with nothing to do (2023-10-26)

Someone’s trying to make a raycasting engine in Playdate. Soundbite GOOD LUCK (2023-10-23)

Bad Mood blehevab dbanzbjskans. F (2023-10-23)

Minecraft Mod that adds Anomalies like in Stalker (2023-10-23)

Bad feeling roulette today lol (2023-10-17)

I think what some people don’t realize is analysis is fun. We aren’t shitting on something you like, just thinking about it. (2023-10-16)

Oh folks at Walgreens :( (2023-10-13)

Safeway the only safe place to do this damnnnn (2023-10-13)

Everyone trying to input the frickin Health insurance thing at Walgreens. Torture. Why does this system suck so much (2023-10-13)

Man really having a great time this week LOL (2023-10-13)

Red Mage is actually pretty easy. (2023-10-13)

Ohh my poor contractors. So good at what they do. So ill used. (2023-10-11)

Ngl reading Jane Austen really makes modern life seem fucked up. These people just out here keeping a packed social schedule. It’s weird if you don’t like, spend a fortnight with your friends. I want to spend a fortnight with my friends. (2023-10-09)

Feel mostly ok but what a cool way to end my vacation 😎😭 (2023-10-09)

Oh man I don’t remember how to park or how to look around when driving yeeesh (2023-10-06)

Srreeeeeee (2023-10-05)

Ffxiv is primarily a Final Fantasy blender but there’s a looot of stuff from FFV which is funny. (2023-10-02)

Persuasion kinda brutal. Anne definitely in some kinda Cinderella situation with her shitty sisters and lack of mom. (2023-10-01)

I like when ads use ugly cats. (2023-09-29)

Turns out a lot of games have a meat level [tvtropes.org] (2023-09-28)

How many video games have a meat level (2023-09-28)

Me: absentmindedly renames variable and doesn’t replace all of them Me: why did this stop working >:( (2023-09-28)

Square Enix, don’t be cowards, teach me the Amaljaa bath dance (2023-09-26)

Fix it in post!!! (2023-09-25)