Tati’s Toasts

My trip was not exactly relaxing but it was very good to get a break from work. (2023-09-21)

San Diego snells like salt damp and old car upholstery (2023-09-19)

Henry Rollins running over the priest assassin and Ice T saying “shit, it’s the yakuza” in the most bored voice possible, truly the best parts of Johnny Mnemonic (2023-09-12)

What happens when you punch a Garlean in their parietal eye (2023-09-12)

Wait why does Forza Horizon have good music. (2023-09-12)

I can fox this music roll, right? needs to be level 50 can’t even craft level 1 things because I’ve been throwing away crafting items due to lack of inventory space :3 (2023-09-10)

Gacha games fuckin suck (2023-09-08)

My favorite hobby right now is calling every interface a “hotbar” (2023-09-08)

I want to know what proportion of ffxiv players have ff brain disease from playing it as children vs the people who just play ffxiv. (2023-09-06)

FFXIV randos actually pretty chill (2023-09-06)

Everyday I wake up pissed off about Minfilia. She didn’t deserve to be subsumed by Hydalaen. She’s not even a very interesting character. I just hate it lol. (2023-08-31)

Bruh put Ever Crisis on switch I don’t want to play this as a mobile game (2023-08-31)

I made some fish beads out of clay and drank some bubble tea so I had a pretty good day (2023-08-27)

Then again, spaceship made of coffins powered by an imprisoned Demon Queen and overseen by Cait Sith was also not on my bingo card. (2023-08-27)

Getting transported to a dream via harp song induced headache to go meet FFXIV version of Yoshi P was not on my bingo card. (2023-08-27)

Sometimes I don’t eat food at the right time and get Dread (2023-08-27)

Tomorrow I’m gonna chill out and make some stuff out of clay (2023-08-26)

I can heal :3 ::freaks out and 2 people die:: :{ (2023-08-24)

Me: I’m gonna pay attention and not die in this fight Me: dies 15 seconds into fight (2023-08-23)

Bad Attitude! Send Post (2023-08-23)

Both good and bad stranger interactions this week (2023-08-19)

I appreciate that Thancred is like 42 and such a disaster that he decided living naked in the woods was better than asking for help. (2023-08-16)

It’s kinda remarkable how much better I feel when I acknowledge my emotions instead of saying “it’s ok” or trying to ignore it. Treating my emotions like something that needs a pat on the head. (2023-08-08)

Maya has a global hierarchy viewer that’s separate from the object hierarchy and the render layer hierarchy and I desperately miss that. (2023-08-02)

Oh blender I wish you didn’t collapse a shit ton of important concepts into the outliner (2023-08-02)

De-initializing execution (2023-08-02)

Ok I wasn’t a huge fan of Minfilia but I’m still mad she became some sort of weird god vessel and I still have to deal with Alphinaud. At least Alisae is around to deflate him a bit. (2023-07-30)

Actually you know what screw Hydalaen. You didn’t need to burn up Minfilia. Fuckin’ Urangier knows what’s happening and didn’t even tell us until it was convenient. Get fuckin bent Urangier. (2023-07-29)

Crunchard W. Supreme - Arielle (2023-07-28)

Crunchard (2023-07-24)

Turns out I can’t code when I forget to take my medication. (2023-07-24)

While I am glad I finally got slutty clothes in ffxiv, I am thankful I didn’t put them on before going through these heavy cutscenes (2023-07-19)

Guy on train with tesla tattoo (2023-07-19)

Sometimes I miss playing in a band. Even tho I sucked and so did the band (2023-07-12)

Walkdog: https://weightlessbooks.com/walkdog/ (2023-07-10)

Walkdog (2023-07-10)

I’m having a great time… checks notes… pursuing the Pope through a mad science genetic engineering lab (2023-07-09)

Saw Asteroid City and yeah, not my favorite Wes Anderson. Too cartoonish in an awkward way, not a charming way. (2023-07-08)

Actually whatever I’m here for Clive’s pillowy bosoms. He’s built like a romance novel cover dude. (2023-07-08)

I like it’s kinda proggy vibe though. (2023-07-05)

I don’t mind Heavensward’s generic battle music but it kinda clashes with some of the field music. It only really works in the Orthodox Elf areas (2023-07-05)

Oh my god why can’t you dye the evil spirit armor (2023-07-03)

Pride is fun and all but I got in a train car with like 800 people and I’m unhappy about it. (2023-06-25)

The reason why Final Fantasy is good is because it’s never great. It’s always plagued with weird choices, plot holes, stuff that doesn’t land, and a palpable and always present feeling of goofy melodrama. (2023-06-16)

I’m absolutely not going back to LA or San Diego without renting a bike, even if riding a bike here kinda sucks (2023-06-14)

Burbank Airport playlist 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 (2023-06-14)

Had my ears blasted for like 2 hours but at least there was a drag queen. (2023-06-13)

Feeling like a jerk sometimes it’s fun its cool, no need to worry (2023-06-13)

MmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM (2023-06-13)

Spent so much time absentmindedly scrubbing some chihuahuas tonight (2023-06-11)